Dave Fanale

Dave Fanale

Dave has been in the real estate business his entire professional life which spans 5 decades. That sounds like he’s old. On the contrary! His began in real estate sales in his college days and then to management, sales, investment, sales, building and to own a brokerage for 21 years.

Now as a coach, Dave believes the real estate business is based on being who you are personally and who you are as a professional. Professional and personal lives can come together in our work so it’s important to have a personal mindset and structure to get started.

Get agents to be consistently uncomfortable as they build a million dollar business. His goal is to have his clients, new or experienced agents, get “over the hill”. Most people are in this ever revolving path of “just enough” rather than abundance. This means they never allow themselves to get uncomfortable with growth which means they may not grow. My work is based on building a structure for each agent of decision to commitment, courage, capacity and confidence. When these exist, we are able to build the ultra-desirable business every agent says they want and achieves it rather than languishing in lack and want.

We work with the pieces of the business being Differentiation, Structure, Preparedness and Innovation.

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